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Scope & Sequence FAQs

June 1, 2022

What is a scope & sequence? 

A scope and sequence is a planned curriculum for a book, course, or program. The scope refers to the range or breadth of material. The sequence refers to the order in which the content is meant to be used.

A curriculum or program may be organized by grade or proficiency level. In some cases, it's organized by subject matter (e.g., science) or theme (e.g., community). Ellii, on the other hand, is more of a content library than either a ready-made program or curriculum.

In this post, you'll find answers to the following frequently asked questions about Ellii:

Does Ellii have a scope & sequence?

If you're used to using a textbook series, you may be wondering where to find Ellii's scope and sequence information.  

Ellii (formerly ESL Library) has 2,000+ ready-made lessons and resources as well as 3,000+ flashcards. We also have videos, prompts, and other activities for teaching English for every age, level, and need. Our in-house publishing team adds new content daily based on teachers' requests and needs.

Teachers from all over the world use Ellii in a variety of ways. Ellii materials can be used...

  • in traditional classrooms
  • in online and hybrid classes
  • to complement an existing curriculum (e.g., further practice with a target or theme)
  • to build a curriculum
  • to supplement a curriculum (e.g., lessons on holidays, current events, etc.)
  • to focus on a certain macro (e.g., reading) or micro (e.g., grammar) skill

Teachers also use Elli with a variety of types of English learners. Teachers use Ellii with...

  • adult newcomers who require real-world or functional English content
  •  K–12 or higher-ed students who need English for academic purposes
  • 1:1 learners who need to learn English for specific purposes, such as business English or conversation English, or for improving a particular skill
  • multilevel classes

At Ellii, we believe teachers know their students best! Rather than developing a single program that may or may not work for all students in a class, we focus on creating high-quality materials for every age, level, and need.

However, if you aren't sure what you need, we do offer mini-courses, collections, and a suggested teaching order for some sections.

Read on for Ellii tools and features that make planning easier.

Does Ellii have ready-made courses?

Yes! Here are a few different places to find materials that follow a specific progression:

Serials & Workplace Materials


Ellii's publishing team has also created 30+ mini-courses from our existing content. You can find these ready-made courses in our Ellii Folders. If you find one you want to use, you can copy it to your own folders and adjust it as you see fit.

Here are just a few of Ellii's mini-courses to check out: 

Please get in touch if there's a specific mini-course that would be helpful for your students. Be sure to mention their age, level, and specific needs.

Does Ellii have a suggested teaching order?

Ellii's materials are divided into lesson and resource sections.

Within one section, you will find content that's formatted in a similar way.

Some of Ellii's lesson sections have a built-in teaching order. We don't recommend only using content from within one section (unless it's a serial). However, we do recommend that you teach targets at the recommended proficiency level.

Here are some sections that have a Teaching Order. (This may not be the default sort filter, so you will need to change the category sort filter to Teaching Order.) 

Note that if you choose the Teaching Order sort filter in our Holidays & Events section, you will see the content sorted by calendar order.

Can I create my own curriculum with Ellii? 

Yes! You can save and create your own materials to build a curriculum that meets the needs of your class or even one student.

Go to the Saved tab in the navigation bar to view your folders.

We recommend using our Collections to find content from all different sections based on the theme, targetsubject, or competency. You can then filter by level or age. When you click into the content, you can save it to your folder of choice.

Here are some popular ways to use some of our Collections: 

What targets and themes should I focus on for each level? 

Here are some suggested targets, themes, and learning objectives for each proficiency level. Visit our Equivalency Scale for more information about levels.

Ellii level Suggested grammar targets Suggested themes Learning objectives
Pre Beg be, have, simple present, nouns, adjectives, yes/no questions, can colors, shapes, letters, numbers, signs identify letters and some numbers, count, read signs, understand very familiar everyday words or expressions (survival English) 
Beg be, nouns, articles, there is/there are, subject and object pronouns, simple present, imperative verbs, modals of ability, present progressive, adverbs of frequency, adjectives, prepositions of time, prepositions of place familiar objects, food, daily routines, animals, family, body, familiar verbs, people, community say and read high-frequency words with visual support, describe everyday actions, describe familiar people and things, read and say short sentences, give date and time, give commands or warnings, describe daily routines
Low Int parts of speech, prefixes, suffixes, simple past, used to, there is/there are, yes/no questions, wh- questions, modals of ability (past), non-count nouns, quantifiers, possessive nouns, adverbs of manner, prepositions of direction, simple future stories, surveys, fables, shopping, restaurants, directions, travel, short narratives (fiction and non-fiction), health listen and read along to short stories, ask and answer simple questions, give personal information, write simple sentences, listen and comprehend more familiar information, describe likes and preferences, understand and give directions, describe future plans, follow and describe procedures
Int  collocations, subject–verb agreement, reflexive and intensive pronouns, gerunds and infinitives, modals of advice, modals of possibility, first conditional, comparative and superlative adjectives, comparative and superlative adverbs workplace, sports, holidays and culture, fashion, biographies, education, school compare and contrast, make suggestions, discuss unreal situations and possibilities, understand information on less familiar topics, recognize informal English
Int – High Int present perfect, present perfect progressive, modals of necessity and obligation, second conditional, complete sentences, conjunctions, tag questions, past progressive, future progressive current events, workplace, relationships, environment, historic events discuss complex issues, offer a personal response, use academic and business vocabulary, work independently in groups, understand more natural everyday English
High Int – Adv phrasal verbs, passive voice, causative verbs, third conditional, past modals, adjective clauses, adjectives phrases, adverb clauses, transition words psychology, technology, politics, business, media debate and discuss controversial topics, work on projects, read some authentic materials, argue, understand and use collocations and phrasal verbs
Adv passive causative, reported speech, embedded questions, past perfect, past perfect progressive, subjunctive, future perfect, future perfect progressive human rights, social justice, crime and punishment, law debate, present, read authentic materials, comprehend information at natural speeds, understand more idiomatic language and slang

What if I don't know what level my students are? 

Try Ellii's Placement Test (60-minute, 4-skills) or Ellii's Placement Quiz (30-minute, M/C). You can also use our Grammar Tests and Language Scenes for placement. 

Can I assess my students' progress with Ellii?

Ellii offers formative assessment opportunities in every lesson. In the digital versions, you can view your students' results. (Some tasks require manual scoring by the teacher.) 

Each lesson section offers a different approach to assessment. Some lessons include a formal assessment task at the end.

For example, all of our Grammar Practice Worksheets lessons have a quiz to check the understanding of the target. Other lesson sections, such as Functional English, have assessments at the end of the lessons with ready-made rubrics.

We also have ready-made generic assessment tools that you can use or adapt to your own needs. You'll also find summative assessments in our mini-courses and some serials. 

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