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Introducing Ellii's New Lesson Planner

March 7, 2023

A more organized teacher is a better teacher, don't you think?
We do! So we built a new feature we're calling "Lesson Planner."

The Lesson Planner is designed as a kanban board with three lanes: Prepping, Teaching, and Taught. Drag Ellii content across any lane to effortlessly prepare for your classes ahead, instantly assign lessons to your students, and see what you were working on recently. It's a super simple way to stay organized and teach better. 

To get content into the Lesson Planner, simply click on the Add to Class button from a Lesson or Resource page. If it is a new class (created after March 7, 2023), you will be prompted to choose the class and lane to save the content in. You can also place it in a holding area called Saved & Recommended.

See how the Lesson Planner works in the video below:

Important notes

  1. If you created classes in the old style before we launched our new Lesson Planner, please visit this Help Doc page to learn more about some navigational changes.
  2. The Lesson Planner is only available when you create a new class. It will not be accessible on any classes that you created prior to March 7, 2023. 
  3. The Lesson Planner defaults to making the full digital lesson available. Watch this video to learn how to set the individual tasks that your students have access to.
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