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Formerly known as ESL Library, Ellii is a growing and innovative Canadian-based EdTech company that provides English language teachers with high-quality lessons, flashcards, and digital tasks. Founded in 2002, the platform is currently used in more than 10,000 schools around the world.

Fact Sheet

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Who we are

Founded by CEO Ben Buckwold, Ellii is a growing and innovative Canadian-based EdTech company.

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What we do

Ellii provides English language teachers around the world with highly engaging content and interactive courseware.

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Why we love what we do

We're passionate about empowering teachers so they can teach their best class, every class.

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When we started

The company was founded in 2002 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Where we are

In 2021, we switched to a completely remote work environment. Our team members live all over the world and work from home.

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How we do what we do

Our success has come from building a team of highly innovative and creative people who are passionate about connecting the world through language.

Our Team

Our growing team is made up of 40+ talented people from countries across the globe. Here are some of our key players.

“The ‘ELL’ in Ellii is an acronym that stands for ‘English Language Learning,’ while the letters ‘ii’ resemble two people in unison. Together, they represent the mission the company has always had—to connect the world through language.”

Ben Buckwold


“Over the years, our in-house publishing team has built up a library of English language teaching materials by inviting teachers to tell us exactly what they want and need for class. But today’s teachers are looking for so much more than content. Requests now include digital features and tools, so thanks to teachers, we’ve outgrown our name and are excited to rebrand as Ellii.”

Tara Benwell

VP of Publishing

“Becoming Ellii is beyond exciting for us! In a way, it’s an opportunity for a fresh start with new and exciting beginnings.
Over the years we’ve built our company and our team with a vision of providing English language teachers with current, relevant, and engaging content delivered on an intuitive courseware platform. As we have always focused on the product first, ESL Library has grown to become a space that is much loved by English language teachers around the world.
As Ellii, we will continue building on this momentum. Now, more than ever, we are focused on growing and supporting our teaching community by providing a space to come together to share, learn, and discover!”

Marta Solodun

VP of People Operations


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Team Photos

Download high resolution photos of key players on the Ellii team.

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Product Images

Download high resolution images of our platform and materials.

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Download video assets related to Ellii.

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