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A screenshot of a digital vocabulary task from the Great Barrier Reef lesson, showing words being matched to definitions.A phone displaying the landing page for a lesson on The Great Barrier Reef. It shows a brief introduction to the lesson, and buttons to open the pdf viewer, the task player, or the assignment manager.A sample lesson page from the print version of The Great Barrier Reef, showing pre-reading activities such as warm-up questions and a vocabulary preview, as well as an illustration of coral and fish.

Your students want to discuss real issues

Students learn best when they are interested and invested in the topic. Our discussion and debate lessons focus on real‑world current events, sparking meaningful conversation in class.

An assortment of candy and sweets

The Sugar Industry

Taxidermy rhino

Trophy Hunting

One hand (where the person is wearing a suit) giving a single coin to another hand.

Minimum Wage

A view from behind the wheel of a car. In the windshield, objects are hanging in front of the driver's view, including a phone, coffee, and cheeseburger.

Distracted Driving

A large blue male symbol next to a small pink female symbol

Gender Inequality

A pile of shopping bags and shipping boxes.


A red circle with a slash on top of a book and computer.


Raised hands and fists. One hand holds a megaphone.


A garbage can full of food

Food Waste

A house drawn with dotted lines


Person in a space suit, wearing a camera and waving while standing next to a suitcase on the moon. Earth is in the sky.

Space Tourism

A polar bear standing on a small piece of ice, floating on water

Climate Change

Grammar should be taught with confidence and enthusiasm

Learning grammar is hard. Teaching it can be even harder. Our grammar experts use clear explanations with engaging and relevant tasks to help you teach the structure at play.

A hand triumphantly holding up a pencil inside a heart, next to a desktop screen showing a video play button, a mobile phone showing a reading, and a piece of paper showing a chart.

Language learners need variety

No single textbook offers everything your students need to build a solid language foundation or achieve fluency. Here at Ellii, we create academic, functional, and conversational materials for all ages, levels, and needs. We are continually modifying and improving our materials based on research and teacher feedback.

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