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Multilevel Digital Tasks for Valentine's Day

February 4, 2020

ESL Library has a growing bank of well-researched, well-prepared teaching and learning materials covering all four skills as well as grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. I can always find resources on any theme that I’m teaching. Some of my favourites are the lessons for holidays and special days.

—Bonnie Nicholas, NorQuest College (Edmonton)

We hope you’re loving ESL Library’s new digital platform! As of this February, we’ve added 850+ digital lessons to our library. Each digital lesson has a variety of task types that you can either assign to your English learners for homework or do together in class.

A Standard subscription gives you and 30 students access to 3 digital task types (Read & Listen, Dialogue, and Listen & Type) as well as unlimited access to all of our printable lessons, resources, and flashcards. A Plus subscription gives you and 100 students access to all of our digital task types (Vocabulary Preview & Review, Comprehension, Grammar Notes, Grammar Practice, and more) in addition to unlimited access to all of our printables.

Valentine’s Day Lessons with Digital Tasks

If you teach multilevel classes, you’re going to love our Valentine’s Day selection. We have ready‑made digital tasks from four different Valentine’s Day lessons that you can assign or work on together in class. Simply set up your classes by level, e.g., Class A (Beg) and Class A (Low Int), and assign the tasks you want to each group.


Our LMS team will be working on a new feature in 2020 so that you can assign different tasks to individual students, which will be ideal for your multilevel classes.


Here is a video demo that highlights 8 of the different tasks you’ll find in our Valentine’s Day lessons, including Image Match, Matching, See & Spell, Listen & Type, and many more! (See below for video time markers if you are only interested in one level or digital task type. Note that most of our task types are used in lessons of many different levels. This demo is meant to show you the variety we offer.)

Video Time Markers

Task Time Markers
Image Match 00:00–2:00
See & Spell 2:00–3:00
Task Time Markers
Read & Listen 3:09–4:23
True & False 4:24–5:25
Low Intermediate
Task Time Markers
Vocabulary Preview 5:26–6:40
Comprehension 6:44–8:06
High Intermediate
Task Time Markers
Discussion 8:09–9:07
Listen & Type 9:08–10:16
Other Topics

There is a note about English serials from 10:17 to 10:44.


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