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Teachers' Notes for Academic 4-Skills Course 3: High Beg – Low Int (Middle School)

October 19, 2020

Learning Objectives

  • Review parts of speech and adverbs of frequency.
  • Learn possessive adjectives & pronouns.
  • Study the simple past and the simple future tenses.
  • Learn academic vocabulary and practice using a dictionary.
  • Practice common pronunciation problems.
  • Read short biographies on famous people.
  • Write simple sentences and begin building paragraphs.

Teachers’ Notes

Log in to Ellii and go to Folders (in the Class Prep drop-down menu). Toggle to Ellii Folders. Near the top of the Ellii Folders section, you will find a starter course of lessons and resources suitable for teaching low-intermediate middle-school ELs.

Introductory Resources

At the beginning of the course, you will find a few introductory resources: 

Course Content

Following the introductory resources, you will find a list of suggested materials. This list is just a guideline for teachers who need help getting started for the first time with students in this age group. You can adapt the order and content based on your students’ needs and the length of your course. These materials are in a suggested order, but you do not need to follow this order exactly or use all of these lessons.

Be sure to adapt ready-made courses to meet the level and needs of your students. Choose additional or alternative lessons from the suggested sections below (under the More Content heading). When looking for additional materials to teach for this age group, you will likely only use the level filters marked Low Int and Int. Here is an Equivalency Scale that may be useful.

For this age group and level, your students will still benefit from using flashcards from the Flashcard Library. We've included some ready-made sets for you in the folder. You can also create and broadcast your own digital flashcard sets using our Flashcard Player. Edit the text to increase difficulty.

Some of the suggested lessons have digital tasks so that you can teach your students online or assign digital homework. If you need help using the digital platform, visit our Help Docs.

If you are only able to teach online at this time and you want to use a lesson that is currently only available as a PDF, you can download the Student PDF and email it to your student(s) or you can open it on a shared screen while you teach an online lesson.


You will find three digital assessments in this course. These assessments will help you understand which targets and themes your students are grasping and which ones they may need more work on. 

More Content for Middle School

You can build additional courses for this age and level using the following suggestions:

Language Targets: basic subject verb agreement, modals of ability, more prepositions, quantifiers, adverbs of frequency, more advanced articles (definite and indefinite), present progressive, simple present vs. present progressive, past progressive, count vs. non-count nouns, possessive nouns, adverbs of manner

Functions: ask for help, ask for and offer more information, follow instructions, sequencing, describe experiences, use technology

Themes: holidays and events, famous people, places, and things, science and technology

More Sections

Here are some suggested Ellii sections for teaching middle school. We ask that you always preview the content for age appropriateness.

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