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What Makes You Cozy?

November 30, 2021

What Makes You Cozy?

I recently finished Isabel Gillies's book Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World. While I was reading this book, I found myself asking everyone around me the same question: "What makes you cozy?"

What I discovered is that a lot of people had similar answers. Here are the ones that I heard the most. Can you spot a common denominator?

  • a cup of tea
  • a fireplace 
  • a warm blanket
  • a snuggly pet 
  • fuzzy pajamas
  • a bubble bath
  • thick socks
  • wool sweaters

It's plain to see that being cozy requires warmth, especially in a cold climate or season, which seems to be when we crave coziness the most. 

Interestingly, the most common answer I heard to my cozy query was "tea." It makes perfect sense that the little sweater you put on a teapot to keep it warm is called a tea cozy. Isn't that the coziest word you've ever learned?

"I can't know what everyone will think is cozy, but, in my late forties, if I've learned anything, it's that we are all pretty much the same."

Isabel Gillies, Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World

One of the most unique answers I heard was from a little boy from Winnipeg who said that his facemask makes him cozy! Even after a long day at school, he's not in a rush to take it off when he gets home.

Home is another cozy word. Did you know that an old teapot makes a cozy home for a bird? You can also turn a teacup and saucer into a bird feeder. What comes to mind when you think of home? For me, it's all about baking in a cozy kitchen! Isabel Gillies prides herself in having comfort foods available when her family gets home. She shares several recipes for foods like applesauce and muffin batter. What are your go-to comfort foods?



  • common denominator: a shared feature
  • cozy: feeling comfortable, warm, and relaxed
  • crave: to have a strong need or desire for
  • query: a question
  • tea cozy: a little sweater for a teapot that keeps the tea warm
  • comfort foods: foods that make you feel good or at home
  • batter: a mixture of flour and liquids for baking
  • go-to: the ones you return to again and again

Question of the Month

What makes you cozy?

Share your own list in the comments below! You can include things (pencils), words (tea cozy), activities (making Christmas crafts), and of course comfort foods and hot drinks (banana bread, peppermint tea). 


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Comments (20)

Fatima C.(Student)

something that make me feel cozy is a warm blanket and a cup of tea/coffee/ chocolate

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Me too! I can't wait to gift my family with a new cozy blanket for Christmas. Our pup has chewed holes in all of our favourite blankies.

Charles I.(Teacher)

I feel cozy in a warm car when it is raining outside. Hot chocolate at Disney World. Also, that feeling of getting into the hot water when I take a bath.

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Ooh yes. The car! Road trips are so cozy, especially if I'm not driving. I used to love watching my son's soccer practices from the car when it was raining.

Lily M.(Teacher)

*Home-made gingerbread cookies with a steaming cup of tea.

*Watching tele with my blanket and my sweet husband rubbing my feet.
*Sitting by the fireplace with hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows.
*Being in the back of our truck on a winter night, cuddled up watching for shooting stars and looking at the constelations.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

Those are all such great examples of being cozy! Thanks for sharing them, Lily.

Rosana L.(Teacher)

Something that really makes me feel cozy is a nice hot bath and later rub on a gorgeous and smelly body cream on my legs and feet. I feel this so comforting and relaxing.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

I agree, Rosana! You can't beat a relaxing bubble bath.

Tanya B.(Teacher)

My students said our online ESL class and cups of tea make them feel cozy!

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

That's so sweet. Thanks for sharing, Tanya!

Lori L.(Teacher)

There’s something very cozy about sitting near the fireplace with my knitting and watching a snowstorm outside my window.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

That sounds very cozy indeed, Lori!

Angela V.(Teacher)

I feel cozy when I am warm. I like wearing thick socks in the winter. I also love watching movies in really cold days. Also wearing comfortable and warm pijamas makes me feel cozy in the winter.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

My fuzzy pyjamas make me feel very cozy too, Angela. And thick, warm socks are the best!

Rosana L.(Teacher)

What makes me feel cozy is when I am on a beautiful beach.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

That sounds great, Rosana! I think I'll dream about a beautiful beach too while I'm looking at all the snow outside.

Xiaoqing J.(Student)

Something make me cozy is a cup of hot latte with a piece of cake. When I feel sad, they would make me feel better. Everyday is good starting after I enjoy them.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

That sounds very cozy, Xiaoqing. Hot drinks make me feel cozy too, and they're even better with something sweet. Thanks for sharing!

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