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Introducing Study Packs

July 27, 2023

Introducing Study Packs!

Hey there! 👋 We've released a new feature at Ellii called Study Packs that we think you're going to love! Typically, teachers using Ellii look for one lesson at a time to plan out their own customized curriculum. However, sometimes you just need a bundle of materials already curated for a specific need. So we built Study Packs as a way to easily assign a small collection of lessons in one simple click. Our Publishing team (who knows the content inside and out) puts these packs together, and every week they make and release new packs.

Here's how it works:

  • A Study Pack will typically have between 4 and 6 ready-made lessons that are woven together with a common focus such as a target structure, a situational theme, or a discussion topic.
  • We post these packs of lessons in a Study Pack index where you can quickly filter the packs by level or type
  • When you see a pack you like, you can instantly move it to your Lesson Planner to assign it to a class. 
  • Once the pack is assigned, you can choose whether your students have immediate access to all of the lessons, or you can choose to release one lesson at a time

That's it. It's now super easy and super convenient to find curated collections of content and assign them all at once. Watch the video to see it in action. We hope you love it!

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Comments (7)

Mary G.(Teacher)

Hello yes this is extremely
Useful for busy teachers working with big or medium sized classes
As usual top marks to the team✅ For myself l only teach one to one’s mostly
online and mainly French school college and university students
At 82 years old it keeps my brain functioning
And your material is always on the dot and up to date on everything happening in the world!
Thank you from a happy member of at least 25 years English Avenue et cetera!!!
Good day to you all
Cheers. Mary Gabriel

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi, Mary!

It's amazing to know you've been with us since English Avenue. We've come a long way and we're grateful you've been with us for the full journey. Please keep in touch and let us know if you have any special needs for your 1:1 students. We hope to see you at ElliiCon in September!

Tara & the Ellii Team

Maksym P.(Teacher)

that will come in handy, thank you!

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Erica R.(Teacher)

I searched for "study pack index", but nothing matched this search. How do I find the study packs?

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi, Erica! You can find the Study Packs on the Materials menu. Find Materials on the nav bar when you're on any page on Ellii. Here is the direct link: https://ellii.com/packs

Melissa O.(Teacher)

I like that the the study packs are on the Materials menu, but I would like it if they came up when I searched them, too. I haven't tried teaching a study pack yet, but I think it's a great idea! Thank you!

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Getting Study Packs into our Search is on our To-Do list. It's definitely coming!

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