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Feature Releases & Platform Updates 2023

March 8, 2023

Grade Feed

March 12, 2023: Assigning grades to open-ended writing and speaking questions has never been easier! Watch for notifications on your new Grade Feed inbox to see when something needs your attention.

Where to find Grade Feed on Ellii

All submitted tasks that are not autograded will appear in this feed. You can easily assign a star rating/percentage, leave a written comment, or record audio feedback. Watch the video tutorial and review our Help Doc for more information.

Ellii's Grade Feed

Ellii for Teachers (YouTube channel)

March 10, 2023: Ellii has a new YouTube channel with helpful videos specifically related to using Ellii as a teacher. Watch for regular demos and updates on

YouTube for Ellii Teachers

Our existing Ellii YouTube channel ( will continue to feature content for learning English. Encourage your learners to watch for new videos each week. Ellii learning videos without ads are available for subscribers in our Media Gallery and within digital lessons.

Lesson Planner

March 8, 2023: Ellii's new Lesson Planner is designed as a kanban board with three lanes: PreppingTeaching, and Taught. First, create a new class. Then add lessons or resources to the Lesson Planner for that class. Drag Ellii content across any lane to effortlessly prepare for a class ahead, instantly assign lessons to your students, and see what each class has been working on recently. There is also a folder for Saved and Recommended within each class's Lesson Planner so you can plan further ahead. Learn more and watch the video tutorial here. 

Ellii's Lesson Planner

Note: Classes created before March 7, 2023, do not have a Lesson Planner and will need to be re-created in order to use this feature. When creating a new class, your settings will default to this new style. However, you can unselect this default to create a new class in our legacy style if you prefer.

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