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Feature Releases & Platform Updates 2023

July 18, 2023

Study Packs

July 18, 2023:  You will now find a new way of assigning content in the Materials dropdown menu. Study Packs are small bundles of related lessons that you can bulk assign or release one at a time by adding them to your Class Lesson Planner. Each pack has 4–6 lessons related by theme or target. We launched with 40 Study Packs in 4 categories: Grammar, Dialogues, Topic-Based, and Vocabulary. Watch for weekly releases of Study Packs as we make more packs for other levels and ages! 

Study Packs

Add Videos & Flashcard Sets/Categories to a Class Lesson Planner

July 18, 2023: You can now add Videos and Flashcard Sets from the Media Gallery to a Class Lesson Planner. When you move content from the Media Gallery into the Teaching column, students in that class will automatically see the Video or Flashcard Set on their Student dashboards. They can click on an Ellii Video and watch it or they can launch a Flashcard Set to view and listen to it. You can add an optional Due Date or Note to the media assignment just like you can with a Lesson.

Add Media to Lesson Planner

Export Activity

June 5, 2023: An Export Activity button has been added to the Details | Participation section (in new Classes).


Filter Enhancement

June 3, 2023: When you select a filter and navigate to a lesson and then go back to a section, the filters you previously chose will remain in place. Be careful to adjust the filters if you want to see the full results for a section.

Notifications for Pending Cards in Grade Feed

June 1, 2023: Teachers will now see a notification on the Leson Planner of a Class if there are pending items to grade in the Grade Feed. 

notification of pending items to grade in a class

Student Onboarding Enhancements

May 31, 2023: The onboarding process for students has been updated to make it even easier for English learners to sign up to Ellii. Translation tips in some common first languages have been added.

Translation for signing up to Ellii

In addition, a simple 5-step sign-up guide has been redesigned. Please note that students must now have an email to sign up to Ellii when you invite them to a new Class. They will need the class code that you provide via emailQR code, or link (find this in your Classes area).

Finally, if you have younger students who do not have an email (or students who have very low literacy and struggle to sign up themselves), you can now manually sign up students with a username and password that you make. They can then skip signing up and just go straight to logging in at ellii.com/students.

Related Help Docs

Ellii Student Onboarding Options

Student Task Player Enhancements

May 23, 2023: After starting a digital lesson, students can now move through tasks in a sequential order by simply clicking on a button that says Next task. The Task Player will jump the student to the next incomplete task. In addition, students can see a Partial and Final Score for a lesson (included detailed information about the weighting if they choose). Lastly, the tasks now appear identical to how teachers see them, which includes some improvements for the students, such as a more visible instructions button.

Videos in Search Results & Collections

April 1, 2023: You can now find Ellii videos in our search results. If you search for a topic, theme, or target that relates to one of our videos, it will come up in the Ellii search results. The link will take you to our Media Gallery where you can launch the video. There is also a new Materials filter for Videos in our Collections. In addition we have a new Now with Video label for digital lessons that have been revised with the addition of a new video.

Note: The Ellii dropdown that listed the Media Gallery has been separated out for easy access to Flashcards and Videos.

Grade Feed

March 12, 2023: Assigning grades to open-ended writing and speaking questions has never been easier! Watch for notifications on your new Grade Feed inbox to see when something needs your attention.

Where to find Grade Feed on Ellii

All submitted tasks that are not autograded will appear in this feed. You can easily assign a star rating/percentage, leave a written comment, or record audio feedback. Watch the video tutorial and review our Help Doc for more information.

Ellii's Grade Feed

Ellii for Teachers (YouTube channel)

March 10, 2023: Ellii has a new YouTube channel with helpful videos specifically related to using Ellii as a teacher. Watch for regular demos and updates on youtube.com/@elliiteachers.

YouTube for Ellii Teachers

Our existing Ellii YouTube channel (youtube.com/@ellii) will continue to feature content for learning English. Encourage your learners to watch for new videos each week. Ellii learning videos without ads are available for subscribers in our Media Gallery and within digital lessons.

Lesson Planner

March 8, 2023: Ellii's new Lesson Planner is designed as a kanban board with three lanes: PreppingTeaching, and Taught. First, create a new class. Then add lessons or resources to the Lesson Planner for that class. Drag Ellii content across any lane to effortlessly prepare for a class ahead, instantly assign lessons to your students, and see what each class has been working on recently. There is also a folder for Saved and Recommended within each class's Lesson Planner so you can plan further ahead. Learn more and watch the video tutorial here. 

Ellii's Lesson Planner

Note: Classes created before March 7, 2023, do not have a Lesson Planner and will need to be re-created in order to use this feature. When creating a new class, your settings will default to this new style. However, you can unselect this default to create a new class in our legacy style if you prefer.

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