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Feature Releases & Platform Updates 2022

July 4, 2022

New View for Collections

June 23, 2022: The Collections page has a new view! Teachers can now see the sub-pages in each category without clicking on the main page, making it easier for you to find the content you want—fast.

Class Sharing

June 22, 2022: Teachers and other educators who are part of an Organization account can now share classes! Co-teachers of a class are able to manage assignments, add feedback, grade work, view student participation, and more. Learn more…

Ellii's on Spotify

June 22, 2022: We recently launched a Spotify account! Teachers can pair our playlists with lessons found on the Ellii platform for a more engaging learning experience. Get started…

Equivalency Scale: ELD (1–6)

June 13, 2022: We added numeric proficiency levels (ELD 1–6) to our Equivalency Scale. These proficiency levels align with WIDA’s proficiency levels (Level 1 Entering, Level 2 Emerging, Level 3 Developing, Level 4 Expanding, Level 5 Bridging, Level 6 Reaching). K–12 teachers who want to see these levels on Ellii filters and labels can select ELD & Ellii in their account settings. Take a look…

Assignment Manager

April 6, 2022: The new Ellii Assignment Manager will allow teachers to easily assign tasks to their students with a simplified view. Teachers can also now leave their students a note with their homework! Learn more…

Micosoft's Immersive Reader Tool

April 4, 2022: Microsoft’s Immersive Reader tool is officially available on Ellii! This highly requested digital tool helps learners improve their reading, writing, and comprehension skills by reading the text out loud. It can also be customized to offer students a more personalized reading experience. Learn More…

ESL Library is now Ellii!

March 14, 2022: ESL Library is now Ellii! We changed our name to better reflect who we are in today’s English language landscape, which is one of the most widely used content and courseware platforms for English teachers in the world. Learn more…

New Flashcards Page

February 17, 2022: The Flashcards page has a whole new look! This redesign will make it easier for you to search through our flashcard categories and sections, create flashcard sets, and link to individual flashcards. Learn More...

Archiving Classes

February 10, 2022: You can now archive classes! Archiving a class allows you to hide a class without losing all the data associated with that class. In other words, you’ll still be able to see previous results and feedback from that class, even after you’ve archived it. Learn More...

Classroom Page 

February 10, 2022: The My Classes page is now called “Classroom.” It also has a brand new look! You’ll notice three tabs for Classes, Students, and Assignments, allowing you to toggle between them with ease. Learn More...

Updated Navigation Bar

February 10, 2022: We updated our platform's navigation bar to make it easy to find what you're looking for. You'll now see:

  • Materials, which remains unchanged
  • Class Prep, which has replaced Saved;
  • Classroom, which reflects what was formally the My Classes page.

Learn More...

Collections in Search

February 10, 2022: Collections now appear in your searches! You can also filter the material type to see only collections using the Collections tab on the search results page.

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