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Digital Task Type Demos

May 13, 2020

11 Digital Task Types

To digitize our 1,000+ lessons and resources, the publishing team is currently using 11 different task types. The task types and corresponding results are designed specifically for English learners and teachers and built by ESL Library’s talented designers and engineers. All digital tasks and features are mobile friendly for you and your students.

The task type name is now available for teachers to see underneath the title of each digital task when a lesson or resource is open on a digital tab.

Screenshot showing a list of tasks and their task types

Demos of Digital Task Types

Here are video demos for teachers that show how each of our existing task types looks for you and your students:

  1. Reference: a multipurpose, non-scoreable instructional task type (Read & Listen, Grammar Notes, Warm-Up/Discussion Questions, etc.)
  2. Dialogue: a non-scorable task type for reading and listening to dialogues
  3. Image Match: a vocabulary preview or review task with visuals
  4. Matching: a text-only vocabulary preview or review task
  5. See & Spell: a low-level, vocabulary-building task that is not case sensitive and often includes audio
  6. Open-Ended Questions: a written response task or assessment with optional feedback and ratings (suggested answers available where applicable)
  7. Type in the Blanks: a case-sensitive task used for listening practice (Listen & Type), sentence completion, grammar/vocabulary practice, and assessment
  8. True or False: a reading comprehension task
  9. Multiple-Choice: a reading or vocabulary comprehension task, also used in grammar lessons, may include images or audio (Listen & Respond)
  10. Put in Order: a follow-up reading comprehension task for dialogues (Story Scramble)
  11. Sequencing: a reading comprehension task for historic events and biographies (Timeline)
  12. Picture Dictionary: a vocabulary slideshow with audio

Additional Notes

  • Teachers can now leave comments after viewing results for all scorable task types.
  • Time spent on each task is available on the results table.
  • A digital Flashcard Player is also available as a presentation tool.
  • All ESL Library subscribers receive 100 free student accounts and can broadcast all digital task types on a shared screen.
  • Standard subscribers can assign limited task types for homework (Read & Listen or Dialogue).
  • Plus subscribers can assign all digital task types, view class and students results, and leave feedback. See our Pricing page for plan details.
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Comments (17)

John R.(Teacher)

Just want to say thanks for all your help!

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Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

Thanks for your thanks! Glad the videos were beneficial :)

Maria jones-imhotep(Guest)

Why are not the "Demos of Digital Task Types" not working?
The sign "This site can't be reached " comes up often.Can you please look into this? Thanks .Maria

Reply to Comment

Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

Hi Maria,

I'm sorry the videos are giving you trouble. I just tried clicking through all of them and I was able to view them. It may be that we were doing a site upgrade when you clicked to view them. If that's the case, then everything should be working again now.

Another option is to take a look at our YouTube page directly: You can find the videos there and your computer may not have issues on that site.

If you continue to have trouble, please send us an email using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page. Let us know which browser you're using (Chrome? Safari? Firefox?) and we will do our best to help you.

Good luck!

Sammi S.(Teacher)

Sorry for typos in previous message.. Is it possible to reassign a task...or change the due date once it is overdue?

Reply to Comment

Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

Hi Sammi,

At the moment, to reassign a task, you would just want to click into the digital lesson again, select the correct class, and click "Assign Task" to extend the due date. (You can also just go to Class Prep → Results and change the due date from there). You can also do this if the due date has already passed.

If you have additional questions, you can use the Contact Us form at the very bottom of this page and send us an email!

Ali A.(Student)

what is the class code

Reply to Comment

Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

Hi Ali,

Please ask your teacher for your class code :)

Yassin Mohammed(Guest)

We are really strugling and challenging the coronavirus covid19 to control we staying at home continually .
Be aware till zero corona like Eritrean.

Reply to Comment

Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

Please take care, Yassin. We are also trying to stay healthy. We hope everyone stays healthy!

clodomyr morais(Guest)

I can't wait to use it, thank you.

Reply to Comment

Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

So glad. We hope you love it!

Nancy A.(Teacher)


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Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)


Camilo H.(Student)

I was improving my English. thank you.

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Lulu S.(Teacher)

The screen of most of the digital tasks is too small. It doesn't show the whole page or even picture. How can I make the screen bigger?

Reply to Comment

Lei Kayanuma(Author)

Hello Lulu! You can click "Command +" or "Cntrl +" to zoom in on the screen, and "Command -" or "Cntrl -" to zoom out. Many of our Reading Tasks include an "enlarge" feature as well! I hope this helps :)

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