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April 10, 2020

Let's Follow the Instructions 

It's time to join ESL Library as a student. Follow the instructions.

  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner, choose Create an Account. (It's your first time here.)
  3. Type the Invitation Code. (Your teacher gave you this.)
  4. Type your first name and last name.
  5. Add your email (If you don't have an email, type a username. Don't forget it.)
  6. Add a password. (Don't forget it.)
  7. Agree to the Terms of Use. (Check the box.)
  8. Click Create Student Account.
  9. Choose an avatar. (This is a picture for your profile page.)
  10. Click Start Learning.

You are now on your Student Dashboard! This is where you will see your ESL Library homework. Do you have assignments already? See Questions 5 and 6 from our post on FAQs for Students.


  • You only use the invitation code one time.
  • Next time you come to ESL Library remember to Log In instead. Go to and Log In with your email (or username) and password.
  • If you forget your password, ask your teacher for help.


Do you have a problem or question? Visit this post: FAQs for Students Using ESL Library

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Comments (39)

Dora P.(Member)

Quiero seguir con las clases de English

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Tara B(Ellii Staff)

That's great. Did your teacher invite you to join ESL Library? Good luck!

uswa abbas(Guest)

how i can open my class

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William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Hi Uswa,

1) Sign up for ESL Library (as a student).
2) Go to
3) Log in!

You will see your homework from your teacher. Good luck!

Mary A.(Student)

Why can't I get my homework on my phone

Reply to Comment

William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Hi Mary,

You can use your phone to go to Then, log into your student account. If your teacher assigned you homework, you should see it there!

If you are having trouble, please send us an email at and we can try to help.

Good luck!

Abdulaziz A.(Student)

Hi, how can I find teachers?

Reply to Comment

William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Hi Abdulaziz,

ESL Library does not have teachers.

To find a teacher, you can look for someone in your area who can be your teacher or tutor. Then, you can recommend ESL Library to them. They need to make a teacher account and add you as their student.

Good luck finding a teacher!

Nisha K.(Student)

I can open

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William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Great job, Nisha!

Princes Vargas(Guest)

How can I find my class code?

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William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Hi Princes,

Please ask your teacher for your class code :)

Dina H.(Student)

Hi everyone, I am new in this online class and excited to learn and improved my English.
Have a nice day

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William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Awesome job, Dina! We hope you love using ESL Library and studying English <3

Alba Z.(Member)

I find it very interesting

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Cheri L.(Teacher)

I am a teacher, where do I find my CLASS CODE to give my students?

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Micahelina C.(Student)

Hi Mrs. Moran I very happy to participate.

Micahelina C.(Student)

Hi classmates friends I hope your can participate too

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