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Student Spotlight: Doris

May 14, 2021

In January of 2020, Doris moved to Thailand from China with her two young daughters, Candy and Cherry. Even though all she knew was one Thai word and very little English, she found a house to rent, bought a car, and registered her daughters for school.

Later that year, she enrolled in an English class. According to her teacher, Myriam, she was a good writer and understood basic grammar.

Doris and Myriam

Here, Doris (left) is pictured with Myriam (right).

Since she began learning English, Doris has been a studious student. She reads self-study books, attends an extra weekly conversation class, and always completes her homework assignments.

Doris is very motivated and makes learning English a priority,” Myriam says.

Recently, Myriam used the True Grammar Stories lesson as inspiration for an incredible activity. After reading the friendship story about Dan and Norah, Myriam had Doris write her own story. Doris wrote about her daughter, Candy. Listen to Doris read the story she wrote and follow along with the transcript as she speaks.


Candy is my seven-year-old daughter.

A few days ago, at Candy’s tennis class, I saw her talking with an old person. He is from Australia. I don’t know his name but he told Candy that his name is Big Coach!

Candy thought that he was lonely because he was sitting alone. She went up to him and said, “Hi, what’s your name?”

The old man said, “You need to call me Big Coach!”

Candy said, “No, that young man is my coach!”

But he replied, “No… he is small coach. I am Big Coach!”

So, whenever Candy sees him, she shouts, “Hello, Big Coach!” and she told me, “This is his name!”

Candy and Big Coach

Here, Candy (right) is pictured with Big Coach (left).

We hope you enjoyed learning about Doris and Myriam, and that Doris’s story inspires you! Teachers, do you have a fun student project to share? Tell us about it in the comments below for a chance to have it featured on our blog!

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