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Student Showcase: Positive Mental Health Projects

May 25, 2022

This post is part of our monthly Student Showcase series where we highlight teacher creativity and show off the amazing work students are doing around the world!

At the beginning of May, we recognized Mental Health Awareness month by challenging teachers like you to complete one of our positive mental health class activities with your students. We then asked you to share some pictures with us to show off your students’ work! Take a look at the original post that inspired these submissions.

Thank you to everyone who answered our Video Challenge. We hope these teacher and student submissions inspire you to try new and creative activities with your class. 

Student Showcase

Student feature 1

This student completed Challenge 1 with their class and wrote out a list of positive affirmations using some of our recommended sentence structures. The final results are guaranteed to make you smile.

Here are just a few of the affirmations they came up with:

  • I am smart. I am brave. I am strong.
  • I try my best. I work hard. I study a lot.
  • I am proud of myself for learning English.

Way to go, we love your positivity!

List of 8 positive affirmations written on paper.

Student feature 2

The second student featured in this month’s Student Showcase completed Challenge 2 with their class. They created a beautiful poster that explains their emotions and what they do when they feel sad, angry, anxious, or scared.

Example: When I feel anxious...

Student's reply: "I go somewhere that I feel safe and take deep breaths. I hug my dog and let my body relax."

My emotions poster where students write down how they feel when they're sad, angry, anxious, or scared.

Student Feature 3

Our final student feature also created a poster but decided to use stickers as their inspiration instead. Some of the stickers include affirmations like "Take care of yourself," "Share kindness today!" and "Good things are coming."

After drawing a picture, they wrote out their affirmations under the stickers to practice their spelling and learn a few new phrases. 

This is an excellent way to give your students the chance to get creative in class, explore their emotions, and spread some positive vibes!

Collage of positive affirmation stickers.

Written list of the same positive affirmations found on the stickers.

We hope you find these projects as inspiring as we do. Try these creative mental health challenges yourself next time you teach about emotions or positive mental health!

Share your thoughts

What kind of activities, projects, or games did your class do for Mental Health Awareness month? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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Comments (3)

Tara Benwell(Author)

These are great examples, Lise! Thanks for sharing. Posters are an excellent way to demonstrate and showcase learning. I especially love the idea of counting to 10 when you're feeling scared. I always find collaging a useful way to work out feelings or solve a problem.

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Lise Papineau(Ellii Staff)

Thanks, Tara! Glad you enjoyed this month's projects. I also really enjoy doing creative activities in class like posters and I find that they help my students express themselves, especially when working with complex subjects like mental health and how we handle our emotions.

Julie D.(Teacher)

Amazing motivational sentences written by students.

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