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Student Showcase: Earth Day Projects

April 28, 2022

This post is part of our Student Showcase series, which highlights teacher creativity and the amazing work students are doing around the world!

At the beginning of April, we challenged teachers like you to share how you teach about Earth Day. We also asked you to show off some of the activities, projects, games, and pictures your students have created on this topic! Take a peek at the original post that inspired these submissions. 

Many teachers around the world stepped up and answered our Video Challenge. Take a look at some of the ways teachers introduced this relevant theme into their class, and get inspired by some of the unique posters, artwork, and videos their students made.

Student Showcase

Student feature 1

In Poonam Sharma’s class, the students had an energetic discussion on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

"My students had a great discussion on how to save our planet for ourselves and the generations to come. One student actually pleaded with tears in her eyes saying, 'Please save our Mother (earth).'"

—Poonam Sharma

Here's some of the artwork her students created for an Earth Day activity.

Hand holding an orange watering can with a recycling symbol on it and pouring water over a smiling planet earth

Drawing by Jenny Guan

Four trees growing out of a smiling planet Earth. Each tree includes a message: save trees, save water, pollution out, plants in.

Drawing by Manchula Kumanan

Student feature 2

Julie De Costa challenged her students to create an Enviro News poster and to come up with some event ideas they could host for Earth Day. This work was designed by a LINC 5 class (preparing for CLB level 5) at Collège Educacentre in Vancouver, Canada.

Take a look at Julie's video response explaining her class activity!

See below an Enviro News poster and three event ideas created by Julie's students. We love the game idea of wearing a blindfold and having to feel the items to guess if it's recyclable. How creative!

Enviro News poster inviting people to an event about the importance of protecting the environment for future generations

Zero Food Waste culinary event poster

Teacher feature 3

In her Video Challenge, Judy Lee explained how she contributes to helping the environment by changing her personal teaching habits.

Student feature 4

Finally, we received a wonderful video submission from an enthusiastic student named Iqra, who took the time to clean up the environment around her house. Iqra is from Afghanistan and currently living in Oshawa, Ontario. Way to go, Iqra! Let’s continue making an effort to keep our neighborhoods litter-free.

We're very pleased to have received so many great Earth Day submissions of student work. Thank you to everyone who participated in Ellii’s April Student Showcase, and congratulations to our featured teachers and students!

Another Student Showcase challenge will be coming your way at the beginning of May. Make sure to revisit our blog for next month's challenge and to follow us on social media so you don't miss out.

Share your thoughts

Did you do something interesting for Earth Day with your class? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Tara Benwell(Author)

I love seeing all of these examples of teaching ideas and students’ work! Can’t wait to see the next community challenge, Lise!

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