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Student Showcase: Changing Seasons Projects

June 30, 2022

This post is part of our monthly Student Showcase series where we highlight teacher creativity and show off the amazing work students are doing around the world!

At the beginning of June, we invited you to try one of our recommended class activities to teach about the change in season that occurred on June 21. We then asked you to share some pictures with us to show off your students’ work. 

These were the activities we challenged you to do with your students this month:

Activity 1: Vocabulary Builder for Young & Beginner Learners

Activity 2: Adverbs of Frequency for Intermediate Learners

To get a bit more background on these activities, make sure to check out the original blog post

Thank you to everyone who contributed and submitted pictures to our Video Challenge. We hope these teacher and student submissions inspire you to try out these activities with your own class!

Student Showcase

Student feature 1

This student completed Activity 1 and did a great job identifying the vocabulary terms in the picture. Nicely done!

Summer picture with English beach-related words identifying beach-related objects.

Teacher feature 2

Molly Stevens had a blast doing Activity 2 with her students in class! Her language learners came up with some great examples to use in their interactive classroom activity.

Take a look at what she had to say about this fun game that focused on practicing adverbs of frequency.

Sticky notes with actions words on them like eat cookies, make new friends, and watch TikTok.

Teacher & student feature 3

Our final feature in this month’s Student Showcase is from a proud Arizona English teacher and her students! This teacher submitted a response to us explaining how she took our proposed Activity 2 one step further. Check it out!

Here are two of the amazing posters her students made.

A summer-themed poster with palm trees, sunglasses, beach balls, and starfish. Includes examples of adverbs of frequency.

A winter-themed poster with snowflakes and a deer. Includes examples of adverbs of frequecy.

We hope you enjoyed seeing some of this month's incredible work created by English learners from around the world. Feeling inspired? Try one of these activities with your class to teach about the different seasons!

Share your thoughts

Did you do something creative in class to recognize the change in season this month? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Comments (2)

Tara Benwell(Author)

These posters are amazing! I love this idea of making a visual aid to remember what they learned. Thanks for showing off the creative products, Lise. I bet these students really learned that target!

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Bishara I.(Teacher)

Hi I loved all the three activities, its a fun way to teach and keep the students engaged and learn . It’s amazing. Shall try them with my students. Thanks

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