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Invest in Your Professional Development with Bridge Education Group

June 28, 2022

We take pride in empowering English language teachers. That’s why we love collaborating with organizations and businesses that provide professional development opportunities, teaching resources, industry events, and close-knit communities for educators around the world.

Visit our Partnerships & Collaborations page to learn more about the brands we work with.

Meet Bridge Education Group

One of the organizations we love collaborating with is Bridge.

Bridge provides accessible and affordable English language teacher training, certification, and continuing professional development.

They offer…

Bridge also publishes relevant and helpful English language teaching news and resources at BridgeUniverse.

Why is professional development important?

Why invest time, effort, and money in your professional development (PD)? Here are three compelling reasons:

1. PD can help you land your dream teaching job

Professional development can help you get the teaching job you’ve always dreamed of.

Having additional professional development courses on your resume gives you added credentials that may qualify you for more jobs or promotions. It also shows potential and current employers that you value continuous learning and that you strive to be a better teacher.

91% of hiring managers report certification is a criteria for hiring.


Ultimately, it opens the door to more teaching opportunities and helps you stand out against the competition.

2. PD can help you get a higher salary

Professional development can also help you get a higher starting salary or a raise. According to Business Wire, 79% of certified professionals see a tangible impact on their career, including pay raise, promotions, and resume shortlists.

In interviews with potential employers, having training and development courses on your resume may help you negotiate a higher salary.

With current employers, completing certain types of professional development courses may help you qualify for a raise or promotion.

Certified professionals are 2.55 times more likely to get a promotion than non-certified professionals.

—Business Wire

3. PD can help you be a better teacher

Finally, professional development can help you be a better teacher.

Thanks to professional development courses, new teachers are equipped with the necessary skills for success and experienced teachers are able to stay current and gain skills in new teaching approaches, technologies, and ideas.

Essentially, professional development gives teachers more tools to create better learning experiences for their students.

Interested in taking a professional development course? Explore Bridge's online TEFL courses today.

How our collaboration benefits you

There’s never been a better time to invest in your professional development.

As part of our collaboration with Bridge, Ellii subscribers will receive a 10% discount on Bridge courses!

If you’re an Ellii subscriber interested in taking a Bridge course, watch your inbox—we’ll be sending you an exclusive promo code you can redeem at Bridge.

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Happy upskilling!

Webinar: Tips for Finding Engaging Materials from Ellii (formerly ESL Library) & Beyond!

Did you hear we recently collaborated on a webinar with Bridge? Last April, Bridge and Ellii discussed how to foster interesting discussions with intermediate and advanced-level learners. Our expert panelists shared their best tips and tricks for sparking meaningful and engaging conversations in the classroom. View the full recording.

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