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One in a Million: Plastic Litter Challenge

June 8, 2023

Do you know the expression "one in a milion"? It means someone or something is rare or special. Ali is one of these people.

We learned about Ali from her father, an English language teacher named Harry Waters. He shared this video of Ali on his LinkedIn page. One in a million, right?

Ali has a huge goal. She wants to pick up one million pieces of litter before her next birthday. She also wants to raise awareness about plastic consumption.

How can you help Ali? Here are two simple ways:

1. Learn about the dangers of plastic consumption

Watch Ali's video above and discuss it with your class. Then read about Ali's campaign. Why would you describe Ali as one in a million?

Ellii has a few lessons you can use to learn more about this environmental issue. You can ask your teacher to share one of these lessons with you.

In our Famous Things section, we also have a lesson on Plastic. In this lesson, you can learn about the history of this material and find out when the plastic craze began. At the end of the lesson, you can share a personal response using the speaking task.

speaking task, plastic consumption

Ali also cares about the Sustainable Development Goals. You can watch Ali's videos and tips about these goals on YouTube.

2. Pick up litter (& log it)

Ali needs your help to carefully dispose of litter (especially dangerous plastics) in your area. Your class can join this challenge together, or you can do your part individually.

  1. Download the Litter Logging App
  2. Log your litter clean-up and get on Ali's Map


  • one in a million: a very special person or thing
  • campaign: an organized plan to complete a goal
  • consumption: the usage of a resource
  • dispose: to throw out
  • litter: garbage
  • log: to record (write down) an action or item on a form

Do you know someone who could be described as "one in a million"? Tell us about this special person in the comments! 

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