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Meet the ESL Library Virtual Conference Speakers: Russell Stannard

September 15, 2021

On September 17–18, 2021, we will be hosting a free two-day virtual conference to explore current teaching trends and the future of education technology. At this conference, you’ll connect with organizations and teachers, share your experiences and expertise, and help shape the future of English language education. This article is part of a series of posts introducing some of the conference speakers.

Meet Russell Stannard, an educational technology consultant and the Founder of TeacherTrainingVideos.com. Russell is a multi-award-winning educational technologist known for his work in using technology to enhance feedback, online teaching, and blended or flipped learning.

The idea for TeacherTrainingVideos.com began when Russell was writing about technology and feedback for an English language teaching magazine. People wanted to see what Russell was talking about so he started creating videos. Today, the website is still popular but Russell has expanded the initiative to a YouTube channel with over 60,000 subscribers.

Russell also gets excited about student creativity and independence, as well as technology that helps teachers in a positive way.

“Anything that encourages students to be creative and encourages students to be more independent. Anything that helps teachers be able to do their jobs quicker, easier, and more effectively. Some technologies I really like because they do that but others I don’t like because they actually make our job harder.”

Russell is also interested in digital literacy.

“There’s a big shift towards these competencies that will allow students to be able to study more effectively and allow citizens to survive in the 21st century.”

Russell’s work mainly focuses on how technology can enhance feedback. When giving feedback, Russell is a big believer in using screen capture technology to record his computer screen and voice as he marks, and then sending the video with this feedback to students.

“They can see their work on the screen, see me going through their work and hear me as I mark.”

On September 17, Russell will be joining us to discuss blended learning and how to make lessons more connected. He will explore how to make lessons more interactive, how to get students to engage more with the material, and how to encourage learning outside of the classroom.

To hear Russell speak, be sure to register for our virtual conference.

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Comments (11)

Fauzia S.(Member)

Russell has cleared my ideas about blended learning.

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Tara Benwell(Author)

We agree it was an excellent presentation! Thanks for joining us!

Fauzia S.(Member)

It is a very great platform for sharing knowledge and promoting latest trends in teaching-learning processes.

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Daniel Love(Guest)

I am enjoying your talk at this moment.

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Tara Benwell(Author)

We're so happy you joined, Daniel! Russell is a fantastic teacher trainer!

Mark LeGeros(Guest)

Thank you for your presentation. Great job!

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Thanks for joining us at the conference! We're glad you enjoyed this presentation!

Mark L.(Teacher)

Great job!

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Valerie K.(Teacher)

Are there recordings of the speakers? I'd love to watch Russell's presentation.

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Lei Kayanuma(Author)

Hello, Valerie! Yes, we have a recording of Russell's presentation. You can view all of the recordings here: https://ellii.com/conference/2021 Please scroll down to the bottom to see the recording links. Thanks, Valerie!

Valerie K.(Teacher)

Thank you!

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