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Key Takeaways from TEFL International Webinar on Online Teaching Tricks

January 4, 2022

Did you watch TEFL International’s webinar on teaching tricks for your online classes in 2022? If you missed it, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Here are some key takeaways from the webinar.

Play games with your students

If you haven’t been doing so already, make it a goal for 2022 to start including games in your lessons. A fun and interactive game will not only help your students to engage with the content but it will also increase their motivation for learning. For some ideas on games to play with your students, check out our blog post on icebreaker games.

Create personalized lessons

This year, try to deliver lessons that are tailored to your students. Think about your students’ personalities, interests, and needs when creating your lessons. If you don’t know much about your students’ interests and goals, create a questionnaire and ask them to fill it out.

Provide a clear overview of the course

At the beginning of every new class, provide your students with a clear outline of the course. Give your students an objective that outlines what they can expect to accomplish by the end of the class and the specific steps that will be taken to reach this goal. Having an organized plan and a specific goal in mind will help your students stay focused and inspired. For more tips on organization, check out our blog post on the importance of organization.

Find creative ways to keep your students’ attention

As we enter 2022, teaching online is still popular and is not going away anytime soon. In online settings especially, student's attentions spans are short. Try to provide lessons in different ways. Offer a variety of tasks and activities. Try to incorporate surprises into your lessons! An example of a surprise can be as simple as picking your students' names out of a hat and asking them to answer a question. Surprises will get their attention and keep them on their toes.

Teachers, what are your tips for teaching online? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments (4)

Tara Benwell(Author)

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of incorporating surprises into lessons. This sounds fun for a teacher too. Here are some ideas for surprises related to content on ESL Library. Surprise...we're doing a lesson on a famous person today, and you get to pick between these three Famous People lessons. Or...surprise, we're going to start a Group Project this month, and you get to pick your groups. Or, surprise...we're going to try responding to a blog post today. Head over to the For Students area and choose a topic you're interested in.

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Melissa Bender(Author)

Those are great ideas, Tara! Thanks for sharing!

Tammy W.(Author)

I just read an article about the importance of play in education. Given the emphasis on social-emotional learning, I suppose this isn't a surprise to most teachers. Glad to see that play is being emphasized in professional development webinars as well!

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Melissa Bender(Author)

Me too! It's been mentioned in quite a few webinars I've attended. I love learning about all the different types of games teachers use online and in the classroom!

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