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Introducing Ready-Made Ellii Folders

October 22, 2020

Do you use Folders to create your own modules or courses? This week, we released our latest feature: Ellii Folders. You will find these in the Class Prep drop-down menu under Folders. Toggle to Ellii Folders to find preset folders that you can use for inspiration or to teach a ready-made course. If you've ever wondered what to teach when, these folders are for you!

In each Ellii Folder, you'll find: 

  • Teachers' Notes (housed on our blog)
  • Introductory Resources (e.g., Class List, Attendance Sheet)
  • Content (in a suggested order, including lessons, resources, customized flashcard sets, and blog posts)
  • Grammar Tests, Review, or Assessment (not yet available in all courses)

There are three types of Ellii Folders: 

  • age-based courses
  • level-based courses (for teen to adult)
  • language target- or theme-based modules (more coming soon)


You can also:

  • save an Ellii Folder to your own Folders to make it customizable,
  • share your Folders with other Ellii members in a group account
  • receive Folders from other Ellii members in a group account
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Comments (25)

Nimeh A.(Student)

ESL library is a great source of teaching materials. It covers the fourth skills. The assessment models are interesting. The exercises provide a clear feed back about the student's achievement.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

Thank you for your comment, Nimeh! We really appreciate your feedback.

Sangeetha C.(Teacher)

That is amazing! Thank you so much for making online teaching so much fun and interesting. Thank you for taking care of the teachers.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

We're happy that you're happy, Sangeetha! Taking care of teachers is what we love to do.

Sr. Pauline M.(Teacher)

I took a quick look today and found it really interesting. I can't wait until I have more time to view what is there and actually try it.

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

We'd love to hear what you think once you have a chance to try one or more of the courses.

Tara Benwell(Author)

Thanks for your support and encouragement! Please let us know which types of courses you want to see from your ESL Library publishing team.

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Nikki F.(Teacher)

You guys are my go-to for every lesson. I love the content, the digital lessons and specially your how to videos. The only thing I would like to see is assessments that are based on authentic materials and RWTs as we are required to produce these as part of our PBLA teaching practices. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

Thanks for your comment and your suggestions, Nikki! We often have real-world materials on our minds these days, and will continue to develop more. You may want to check out our Real-World Reading (, True Grammar Stories (, and English with the Washington Post ( sections.

Diego S.(Teacher)

Guys, this is great. I remember when I started using ESL Library and got a little confused about where to start. Even today, I still have some trouble figuring out an order of lessons for adult students who are starting to learn the language from scratch. These folders will help me so much!

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Tanya Trusler(Author)

We're so happy to hear that, Diego! There is so much content on our site, and we thought it was important to give some guidance and ideas for creating curricula.

Sally G.(Teacher)


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Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

Celia C.(Teacher)

This is a great idea and is very helpful. I am new to teaching ESL and I can use all the help I can get. Thank you, it is much appreciated. ~Celia

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Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

So glad you're finding it useful! If you're looking for some tips and tricks as a new teacher, you might also want to check out our Teacher Training Module, which has quick tutorial videos for using various site features:

Happy teaching!

Arthur M.(Teacher)

Hi ESL Library Team,

I just checked this new feature you guys implemented on the platform. This is just amazing. All the planning and researching time for material can now be saved.

Thanks for that!
Arthur Mateus

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Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

We're so glad you're loving this new feature. We heard many requests from teachers asking for a suggested teaching order and we're happy to be able to provide these ESL Library Folders as a customizable option to help save time!

P.S. You can copy the ESL Library folders to your own Folders section and edit the content. And if you're part of a group account, you can now also share your own folders with other teachers at your same institution!

Happy teaching :)

Elizabeth C.(Teacher)

I just looked at the FOLDERS. I like the one for Lessons I Have Used. I have three posted, but I have used many this fall. How do I add the ones I have used?

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Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm glad you're starting to use our Folders for organizing your lessons and materials! Let me link you to a couple of Help Docs that might help you master these folders :)

How to Create Folders:

How to Use Folders:

Just for fun, I will also mention our Teacher Training Module which has helpful videos here:

(Your question made me realize that we need to add our How to Use Folders video to that thank you for that!)

If you have more questions about how to use folders more specifically, you can post your question here or feel free to email us directly using the Contact Us form at the very bottom of this page :)

Happy teaching and hope you are staying warm and healthy.

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