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Intro to ESL Library

August 21, 2020

This quick intro offers a comprehensive overview of the main features you get with your ESL Library subscription. This tour is for new ESL Library members as well as teachers and administrators who are interested in learning more about what we offer.

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Comments (5)

Hue Nguyen(Guest)

I want to study this class, please you help me
Thank you

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William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Hi Hue,

You must have a teacher who uses ESL Library to use ESL Library as a student. If your English teacher doesn't have ESL Library, please tell them you like our site and they can sign up!

Martha, Gelaye, Gebremichael(Guest)

Please I wanted practice English Listening & Speaking

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Lei Kayanuma(Author)

Hello, thanks for your request! We have a great section on listening here:

You can also find many speaking tasks in almost all of our digital lessons but here's an awesome section called "Conversation & Speaking Prompts":

Helene U.(Teacher)

I've used your material for 10 years. Lessons are up-to-date - I was startled you had the January 6 riots practically the day after they occurred. The lessons are outstanding and fun. My students and I laugh a lot. They thoroughly enjoy all the lessons as do I. Thank you so much. Know that your hard work is really appreciated.
Helene Usherwood P.N. B.Ed. M.Ed
T.E.S.L. Certified

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