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Teachers' Notes for Adult Ed 4-Skills Course 7: High-Intermediate

March 19, 2020

Learning Objectives

  • Learn and practice discussions and debates about globally relevant topics. Themes include human rights and crime & punishment.
  • Introduce adverb clauses and adjective clauses and phrases.
  • Learn and practice summary writing and proofreading.
  • Introduce the past perfect and past perfect progressive tenses.
  • Practice complex reading skills including identifying register and implied meaning.

Teachers’ Notes

The following list is a suggested order for lessons at the high‑intermediate level. These materials are useful for students who are comfortable talking about current events and are ready for debates and more serious discussions that require expressing opinions.

Unsure if this is the right level for your students? Try Grammar Test 4 and see how your students do. Learn more here.

You do not need to follow this order or use all of these lessons. This is just a guideline, and you can adapt the order and content based on your students’ needs and the length of your course.

You can choose additional or alternative lessons from the suggested sections below (under the More Content heading). Use the level filter marked High Int when looking for other materials to teach at this level.

Some of the suggested lessons have digital tasks so that you can teach your students online or assign digital homework. If you need help using the digital platform, visit our Help Docs.

If you are only able to teach online at this time and you want to use a lesson that is currently only available as a PDF, you can download the Student PDF and email it to your student(s) or you can open it on a shared screen while you teach an online lesson.


  1. Writing in English: How to Proofread 
  2. Discussion Starters: Gender Inequality
  3. Writing in English: How to Write a Summary 
  4. Discussion Starters: Homelessness
  5. Grammar Practice Worksheets: Adjective Clauses
  6. Grammar Stories: Adjective Clause & Phrase Stories
  7. Discussion Starters: Hazing
  8. Reading in English: Identifying Register 
  9. Mini-Debates: Freedom of the Press
  10. Grammar Practice Worksheets: Adjective Phrases
  11. Reading in English: Understanding Implied Meaning 
  12. Discussion Starters: Food Waste
  13. Discussion Starters: Food Labels
  14. Grammar Practice Worksheets: Adverb Clauses of Time
  15. Discussion Starters: Hosting the World
  16. Mini-Debates: The Right to Die
  17. Grammar Practice Worksheets: Adverb Clauses of Contrast
  18. Discussion Starters: Private Prisons
  19. Mini-Debates: Gun Control
  20. Famous People: Susan B. Anthony or Nellie McClung
  21. Famous Things: The US Constitution or The Charter of Rights & Freedoms
  22. Mini-Debates: Corporate Responsibility
  23. Grammar Practice Worksheets: Past Perfect
  24. Mini-Debates: English Globalization
  25. Discussion Starters: Censorship
  26. Grammar Practice Worksheets: Past Perfect Progressive
  27. Discussion Starters: Modern Slavery
  28. Discussion Starters: Glorifying Criminals

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