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ESL Library at the 2022 FETC Conference

January 21, 2022

From January 25 to 28, ESL Library will be attending the 2022 Future of Education Technology® Conference (FETC) as an exhibitor! FETC takes place in Orlando, Florida, and explores how technology is shaping the future of education. We chatted with Mari Lasnetski, our Chief Impact Officer, and asked her a few questions about FETC. Here’s what she had to say.

MELISSA: What's your history with FETC?

MARI: I've been attending FETC for over 20 years. It has truly become a gathering place for the most innovative education leaders from around the world.  

MELISSA: Why is it important for the ESL Library team to attend the FETC conference?

MARI: I've gone to FETC as both an attendee and a vendor. Whether I attended as an attendee or as a vendor, it has always been a collaborative place; a time for exploring best practices and important topics that are top of mind to education leaders. It's a fully engaging experience.  

MELISSA: What have been some of your biggest takeaways from past FETC conferences?

MARI: I always leave FETC with a more precise notion of what is really important to education leaders. I develop professionally by learning from pioneers in the educational technology space. It's also an opportunity to reconnect with friends and make new lifelong professional friends that are as passionate as I am about educational technology.

MELISSA: What are you most looking forward to about the 2022 FETC conference?

MARI: I’m looking forward to heading down those escalators and feeling the energy and anticipation that starts to creep up as soon as the venue opens its doors. Then the fun, reconnecting, and learning begin!

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Are you attending this year’s FETC conference? If you’re going, let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments below!

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Comments (7)

Tammy W.(Teacher)

I'm excited to be attending the FETC conference this year for the first time! As someone who is coming from an English language teaching background, I know I have a lot to learn about the edtech space. Of course, for this event, I'll be spending most of my time at the ESL Library booth, but I'm excited to explore the Expo Hall and talk with educators. Mostly I'm excited to learn how educators are integrating technology into their classrooms. Oh, and I'm excited to meet some of my colleagues for the first time, too :D

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Melissa B.(Author)

That's so awesome, Tammy! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Tara Benwell(Author)

We can't wait to hear all about this year's FETC conference. We'll be following you virtually, Tammy and co.!

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Jen A.(Author)

There's nothing like the buzz and energy of an in-person event. Attendees often talk about finding their "tribe" at FETC and ISTE. This is where ideas percolate, where educators come together to inspire and motivate each other, where you can sit down with the vendors and creators of edtech products and get the behind-the-scenes ideas of the how's and why's. I remember once at ISTE, sitting in front of the workshop for the Ipad app "Explain Everything", and the developer was sitting right beside me. He was able to answer a few questions I had - which was amazing.

I'm glad that those of us who are #at_home can still get at least some of the experience at #FETC! Happy conferencing!

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Ashley Chong(Ellii Staff)

That's amazing! I can't wait to hear all about it!

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Agatha S.(Teacher)

OMG, that's so cool! Is there an online platform where we could watch it live?

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Melissa B.(Author)

Sorry, this conference was only in person. You can follow them on social media though to discover interesting resources.

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