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ElliiCon2022 Speaker Spotlight: Karina Zew

August 31, 2022

This September 15 and 16, 2022, we’ll be hosting ElliiCon, a free, two-day virtual conference to explore simple, effective, and practical strategies that will help you build stronger relationships with your students and engage them in a more meaningful way. This article is part of a series of posts introducing some of the conference speakers.

Karina Zew was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raised in New Jersey, United States.

“My passion for languages occurred to me while I was looking the other way,” Karina said. “As a bilingual child, I had always taken languages for granted. Learning how to speak English was something that just happened to me.”

After high school, Karina moved back to Argentina. Like most young adults at this age, she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do.

"In the meantime, I needed a job . . . ," said Karina. "So that's how I started to teach."

Over the years, she’s taught Business English classes at international companies and general English to young learners.

The beginning of a new chapter with Bridge

Today, Karina works at Bridge Education Group.

She's a tutor for Bridge’s online TEFL/TESOL courses and an ESL instructor for BridgeEnglish in Latin America. In these roles, she interviews and recruits teachers, observes classes and provides feedback for teachers, and tutors online TEFL students from around the globe.

“I really enjoy being able to share with others what I have learned throughout these years, both from experience and from academic training,” she said.

Karina's also spoken at many TEFL/TESOL conferences, sharing the knowledge she’s gained from over 30 years in the field of English language teaching. She’s lectured on a variety of topics, from teaching methodologies and lesson planning to scaffolding and using technology in the classroom.

“Before COVID, online classes were quite frowned upon," said Karina. "However, nowadays, they're actually many people's preferred method of learning. This opens up a whole new world! For example, our students who live in Chile have the possibility of taking lessons from teachers who live in South Africa. They exchange cultural experiences and share their views. This is beneficial not only for language learning but for life in general. It also forces us to become more familiar with new technologies, of course!”

Learn about fostering 21st-century skills with Karina at ElliiCon2022

On September 15, Karina will be joining us at ElliiCon2022 to talk about fostering 21st-century skills for academic and business success.

She’ll share how you can teach 21st-century skills—like communication, collaboration, leadership, innovation, and digital literacy—in the classroom and help prepare your students for success in academics, business, and more.

You’ll also learn useful tips and techniques that you can implement to help your English language learners of all ages cultivate necessary, real-world skills.

Join us at ElliiCon2022!

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