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Coming in September 2020

August 7, 2020

Our back-to-school to-do list is all about getting as much digital content up as we can as many students and teachers head back to online (or hybrid) school. We’ve also been filling requests for new content and making improvements based on teacher feedback. Here are some items the publishing team is working on right now!



Yes/No Questions with Be

In this new lesson from Super Simple Grammar, students will practice forming yes/no questions in the simple present tense with the Be verb using subject pronouns and nouns.


School Uniforms

We’re continuing to add low-level versions of our most popular Discussion Starters topics. Watch for a new low-intermediate lesson where students learn about and discuss the pros and cons of wearing uniforms to school.


September 11

This important lesson from our Historic Events section will have a new look and feel in time for the 9/11 anniversary.




In this new resource from Real-World Reading, students will practice reading a variety of food menus. We have a related flashcard set coming soon too.


Job Ads

We’re working on a few updates to our Job Ads resource from Real-World Reading.

Videos & Quizzes

Are you enjoying our new grammar videos? We’re putting the finishing touches on our video about the simple future tense. You’ll soon find it in the Grammar Practice Workhseets lesson on the Simple Future. We’re also working on some new paper-based quizzes and digital assessment tasks to go with our throwback series Everyday Idioms 1.

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Comments (7)

Karen S.(Member)

Is there a way that we can use this with Canvas?

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William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Hi Karen,

Yes, you can absolutely use ESL Library with Canvas. We do have smoother integration with Canvas coming, but for the moment, just go ahead and create a class (or multiple classes) and invite your students within ESL Library. Then assign homework to your students through ESL Library.

Within Canvas, you will want to paste the link and tell your students that they have new homework posted there. Every time you assign a digital task through ESL Library, your students just need to go to that same link ( ) and log in to their student dashboard to complete the work.

You can either post that same link in Canvas each time you have a new assignment for your students, or you might have a set schedule ("Every Thursday at 4pm, you will have a new homework assignment. Please go to to log in and complete your work!")

As I mentioned, smoother integration is coming, but for your immediate teaching needs, this is your best option.

Happy teaching!

Gayle M.(Teacher)

Thank you for the help

Reply to Comment

William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

No problem at all :)

Karen S.(Member)

Thank you!

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Cuias L.(Teacher)

Hi. Are we able to add ESL Library lessons to our learning management system?

Reply to Comment

William Lumbergh(Ellii Staff)

Hi there,

There are two ways you can add ESL Library assignments to your your learning management system (LMS).

1) When you are assigning a digital tasks (, if you happen to use Google Classroom, you can click on the green icon in the pop-up window after setting the due dates (see linked Help Doc above for more details) and digital assignments will be added to your Google Classroom. Canvas integration will be coming soon. Please note that this is our first stage of LMS integration, so the functionality is still fairly simplistic.

To share digital tasks to any LMS, simply assign a digital task within ESL Library and then paste the link within your LMS. You will only ever need to paste this one link to your LMS. Your students can click the link within the LMS and it will take them to the Log In screen of their student dashboard, where they can access, complete, and view results/feedback for anything you have assigned.

2) As of today (!), it is also now possible to share Student PDFs using a link via email or posted to your LMS system. Students will have the ability to use the digital PDF toolkit, which allows them to highlight, add text, etc. to the digital PDF. They will need to save any changes they make to the document.

Hope this helps and stay tuned for more LMS integrations coming soon!

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