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Coming in October 2020

September 11, 2020

School is in session for most of our subscribers now, and we’re back to filling requests and making adjustments to our materials based on teacher feedback. We’re so grateful to everyone who takes the time to write or call in. In addition to lots of new video content, we’re working on some materials that will help our American subscribers teach their students about election season. Here are a few items that are currently in progress.



Election Day (US)

In this upcoming lesson from Holidays & Events, students will learn about the tricky concept of the Electoral College and the two main parties in the US. Students will also discuss opinions about mail‑in voting.



In this new lesson from Phonics & Pronunciation, students will learn a fourth sound related to the letter u. For related lessons, visit our pronunciation section.


Black History Month

We’re making some important updates to our Black History Month lesson from our Holidays & Events section. The new version will also have an updated audio recording.



Reading School Letters

We're working on a new resource for parents of school-aged kids in our Real-World Reading section. Parents will practice reading letters that their students bring home from school.

Videos & Flashcards

In addition to printable and digital lessons, we’re also working on new video content to go with our Mozart lesson and our upcoming Election Day (US) lesson. We’re also adding a Picture Dictionary task (digital flashcards) to all of our pronunciation lessons. Stay tuned!

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Comments (3)

Dominique B.(Teacher)

Hello, I cannot find the video that goes with the lesson on Election Day US

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Tara Benwell(Author)

Hi Dominique. Sorry about that! The video was accidentally set to inactive over the weekend. It should be visible in the Task Player now.

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