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Make a Clean Sweep: Learn Some Tips (& Idioms) for Spring Cleaning

April 26, 2023

Spring is back in the Northern Hemisphere and the world is coming alive again. It’s a time for blooming flowers, nice weather, and renewed energy. What better time to clean your house? It's common knowledge that spending time in clean, organized spaces is good for mental health. Here are some spring cleaning tips to bring freshness to your living space, no matter where you live! And, to kill two birds with one stone, why not learn some idioms at the same time?

Make a donation

Take a page out of organizing consultant Marie Kondo’s book and clear your clutter by donating or giving away items that do not “spark joy.” This might include clothes you haven’t worn in a while, books you’ve already read, or knickknacks you just don’t love anymore.

Pop open a Coke

Nobody likes scrubbing the toilet, but here's a trick that won't require you to use too much elbow grease. If you have rust rings in your toilet bowl, pouring a full can of cola over them can help get rid of them! Pour the soda around the rim so it covers the entire bowl, wait for an hour, and then scrub and flush. The result should be clean as a whistle!

Have a freezer feast

If you’re the kind of person who throws everything in the freezer until there’s no room left, invite some friends over and have a party. After you've prepared the food that’s been stashed away over the last few months, you and your pals can enjoy pigging out.

Get that hair out of there

We love our pets, but they sure do shed. Hair-removing rollers don’t always cut it, and they can be expensive. Luckily, you can remove pet hair from furniture with something you probably already have in your home—a pair of rubber gloves! Just slip them on and run your hand over those hairy surfaces.

Get rid of sink stink

If your kitchen has a garbage disposal, then you know those things can get awfully smelly. Toss a few lemon rinds in there and turn the disposal on for 30 seconds. Add some cold water and inhale the freshness!

Do you have any favorite cleaning tips? If so, we’d love to hear them. Leave us a comment and share the knowledge. Happy cleaning!


  • kill two birds with one stone: to achieve two things at once
  • elbow grease: physical effort
  • clean as a whistle: very clean
  • take a page out of someone's book: to follow someone's example
  • pig out: to eat a lot of food at one time
  • not cut it: to not be good enough to do something
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Gloria L.(Teacher)

Love it!

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Archana Verma (Guest)

Very nice jotted and processed the para with idioms . love to hear more

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