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Camping: Getting the Most out of an Outdoor Adventure

June 22, 2023

Listen and read along.

When summer arrives and the weather gets warm, people all around the world eagerly pack their bags, hop in the car or on a bus or train, and head into nature for some quality camping time. But not all camping experiences are alike! Here are a few questions to consider before you venture outdoors so that you can have the best possible experience, whether you prefer glamping or roughing it.

How “outdoorsy” are you really?

Some people love sleeping under the stars. Others prefer spending time outside without forsaking the creature comforts of modern amenities. The good news is that both perspectives are valid. If the thought of sleeping outside among the critters makes your skin crawl, consider renting a yurt with electricity, heating, and air-conditioning or maybe a trailer with its own cooking facilities. On the other hand, you might be someone who thrives on reconnecting with the wilderness. For you, a single pup tent or hammock might be enough!

Who’s invited?

When you imagine yourself camping, who are you with? Since camping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a good idea to invite people who will enjoy the experience. Your high-maintenance cousin might not be the best person to pitch a tent with, no matter how well you get along.

What’s your ideal setting?

Maybe you live in a rural area with plenty of great camping spots around. If you’re more of a city slicker, however, you might have to drive a couple of hours to get to your location of choice. Decide how far you’re willing to go and what sort of environment you’d prefer. Do you want a lake or river to swim in, or are you more focused on finding great hiking trails? Do dense forests make you nervous or are you a fan of the shade they provide?

Considering these questions before you set out will help you have a better overall camping experience. If you have any camping stories to share, go ahead and post them in the comments. We’d love to hear them!


  • glamping: a luxurious version of camping ("glamour" + "camping")
  • rough it: to live without the usual comforts of everyday life
  • creature comforts: small luxuries that make you comfortable
  • critters: small animals that live outside
  • make your skin crawl: to give you a creepy, uncomfortable feeling
  • pup tent: a small tent for one person
  • not one's cup of tea: something one doesn't enjoy
  • high-maintenance: needing a lot of special attention
  • city slicker: someone who lives in an urban enviroment
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Comments (1)

Lauren M.(Teacher)

I prefer glamping. There are creature comforts of modern amenities. There is bed. ln glamping, there is electricity , heating , and air-conditioning. l can play video games.

Moto from Japan.

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