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Teachers' Notes for 4-Skills Course 1: Beginner

March 26, 2020

Learning Objectives

  • Learn and/or review basic English expressions and continue building vocabulary. Themes include food, daily routines, animals, and sports.
  • Learn and practice the simple present tense and begin using the present progressive tense.
  • Practice asking questions to get more information.
  • Practice pronunciation.

Teachers’ Notes

The following list is a suggested order for lessons at the beginner level. These materials are useful for students who are familiar with the English alphabet and basic English vocabulary, and who are ready to move on to short dialogues and basic grammar targets.

Note that completing all of the lessons from the Mini-Course for Pre-Beginner Students does not necessarily mean your students are ready to move on to this beginner course. If you are teaching literacy or absolute beginners, you will likely need to do many more lessons from our pre-beginner sections before assigning any beginner-level materials. (See suggested sections under the More Content heading in the pre-beginner course.)

Also note that you do not need to follow the exact order or use all of the lessons in the following list. This list is just a guideline for teachers who need help getting started. You can adapt the order and content based on your students’ needs and the length of your course.

You can choose additional or alternative lessons from the suggested sections below (under the More Content heading). Use the level filter marked Beg when looking for other materials to teach at this level.

Most teachers will also be relying heavily on flashcards from the Flashcard Library at this level.

Some of the suggested lessons have digital tasks so that you can teach your students online or assign digital homework. If you need help using the digital platform, visit our Help Docs.

If you are only able to teach online at this time and you want to use a lesson that is currently only available as a PDF, you can download the Student PDF and email it to your student(s) or you can open it on a shared screen while you teach an online lesson.


  1. Functional English: Saying Hello
  2. Functional English: Saying Goodbye
  3. Super Simple Questions: What Color Is It? 
  4. Super Simple Questions: What Size Is It? 
  5. Basic Grammar Sentences: What’s This? 
  6. Phonics Stories: Chad’s Dad
  7. Super Simple Questions: Do You Like It? 
  8. Simple Sentences: Food
  9. Phonics & Pronunciation: /b/ and/or /p/
  10. Super Simple Questions: How Much Is It? 
  11. Everyday Dialogues: Making a Grocery List
  12. Basic Grammar Sentences: Are You Hungry? 
  13. Fun Grammar Lessons: There Is / There Are 
  14. Famous Things: Coffee
  15. Functional English: Saying Thank You
  16. Phonics & Pronunciation: /ch/ and/or /sh/
  17. Simple Sentences: Daily Routines
  18. Grammar Stories: Simple Present Stories
  19. Simple Sentences: Transportation
  20. Phonics Stories: A Fab Cab
  21. Fun Grammar Lessons: Subject & Object Pronouns 
  22. Basic Grammar Sentences: Is She Tall? 
  23. Phonics & Pronunciation: /r/  and/or /l/ 
  24. Phonics Stories: The Fat Rat
  25. Simple Sentences: Animals
  26. Super Simple Grammar: Present Progressive
  27. Simple Sentences: Sports
  28. Basic Grammar Sentences: Where Are You Going? 

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