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Student Poetry for Remembrance Day / Veterans Day

November 25, 2022

Did you know that the writers who create Ellii lessons and resources are all English teachers or former teachers?

That's just one of the reasons we love receiving poetry, stories, and paragraphs that students write while doing Ellii lessons. 

In our Remembrance Day / Veterans Day lesson, we challenge students to write acrostic poetry and share it with our team. Check out this year's submissions as well as the poems from years past.

2022 Student Poetry

We love these moving acrostic poems we received from Betul Ozer Budak's LBS (Literacy and Basic Skills) class.

Poem #1

Veterans Day...

Every November, we remember.

Trumpets play "Last Post" ...

Eleven o'clock: a moment of silence ...

Red poppies people wear

After the war, people were happy but

Never forget the soldiers who died

Soldiers who fight ...

By Asmae Dadi, Ebtesam Rashed, and Helen Ada

Poem #2

Poppies everywhere

On our hearts

People's stories

Poppies everywhere

Yesterday's memories

By Ebtesam Rashed and Helen Ada

Poem #3


Every year we remember them.

Many soldiers died in the war.

Every 11 November is Remembrance Day.

Many people have a ceremony.

Birds of peace carrying olive branches

Remind us the young soldiers.

At 11 o'clock the war ended but

Nobody forgot the soldiers.

Ceremonies we have for them;

Each of us is proud of them...

By Aisha Ankaa, Cuc Thi Nguyen, and Ebtesam Rashed

Here are a few wonderful Remembrance Day poems from Kosta Stojanovic's LINC 4/5 class at Collège Boréal in Toronto, Canada.

Poem #4

Red poppies bloom on each breast

Earth remembers it's heroes

Many great-grandparents were there

Every soldier lives to wonder why

Memories of War that never stray

But someone is shooting again and again

Remembrance poppies are red, not signifying blood of soldiers

And their stories never see the light of day

Need of peace is worldwide

Children want to live in love

Every day can be better, if everyone has remembrance

By Elvira Shootca

Poem #5

Raise your head off the ground

Everyone is proud of you

My heart is like a galaxy

Even though you're not here I feel you

My heart belongs to you

Breathe in the morning of victory

Raging about war

Army protect the people

Never make me feel sad

Ceremony for your courage

Everyone will always remember

By Mandana Hodhodynejad

Poem #6

Rmember our soldiers

Enlist the soldiers

Making our world into peace

Everyone who died in the wars

Memorial never forget

Brothers who bled just

Respect our fallen soldiers

Armistice day

November 11th armed weapons fall silent

Celebrate the soldiers

Enjoy freedom in happiness and peace

By Dilek Tas

2021 Student Poetry

Poem #1

This beautiful acrostic poem was sent in by Sherry and Kathleen's class: 

Vests of soldiers carry valued human beings

Emotions of appreciation echo when we commemorate every year on November 11

Treasures you have done for us are countless as we are free

Echos of your contributions are hard to describe out loud.

Remembering you veterans

Appreciating your efforts

Nations will never forget you for

Sacrificing your lives to give us freedom.

By Antonio, Cecilia, Huda, Jingyuan, and Yunyi

Poem #2

Here's another poem that was submitted by an intermediate LINC class.

Remembrance Day Poem by LINC students

2020 Student Poetry

Here are some poetry submissions we received in November 2020 from a low-intermediate LINC class in Toronto, Ontario. Thank you to Kosta and his class for sharing this writing with us!

Poem #1

Remembrance Day

Essential day

Many people lost a loved one

Ended of the war must be done

Be peaceful, remember the war

Against the war, no more the war

Celebrate the peace

Everyone will be happy

By Momoko, Anibal and Zhi Sheng

Poem #2 

Very important

Eating and drinking

Tomorrow it'll be coming

Email to me

Remember it

Answer and reply

Notice it on your calendar

Send it to me

By Coco

Poem #3

Remembering our veterans

Enormous respect

Many left behind the family who were

Eager to see them again

More peace, no war

By wearing the poppy we remember,

Each that fell

Rising like the sun every day

Don't forget them

Anually we honour the past

Yesterday is not forgotten

By Milena Nessi

Poem #4

Red color

Email me

May I have 

Enough for me

Many years

Best of luck

Raise your hand

At a time

Never mind

Call me

Excellent place

By Israt, Alice, and Coco

Poem #5

Voters are protesting

Eat your food

Trumpet is a bass horn

End your day in a happy way

Remembrance Day is a poppy day

Are you okay

No one here

Can you hear?

By Rania, Gadha, and Milena

Pronunciation Work

Here is some pronunciation work these writers did while working on their poetry from our Holidays & Events lesson. We're so happy to see students working with pronunciation symbols. We hope you're enjoying our Pronunciation lessons, too. 

Keep up the great work, LINC class! And most importantly, thank you for remembering our veterans.


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Comments (9)

Kosta S.(Teacher)

On behalf of my students and I, a great 'hello' to the ESL Library world and thank you for the opportunity to pay tribute to the great veterans of this world!

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Thanks again, Kosta and class!

Kim Le(Guest)

Dear Kosta,
For never change
Let We Forget.

Reply to Comment

Nikhat Khan(Guest)

Excellent contribution and effort. Keep it coming.

Reply to Comment

Kosta S.(Teacher)

Hello, my students Momoko, Anibal and Zhi Sheng want to state that Poem #1 (Anonymous) was created by them.
Thank you for your poem!

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Thank you! I have updated the authors!

Tammy Wik(Ellii Staff)

We love seeing all of the love and appreciation on this post. Such wonderful poems and beautiful sentiments :)

Reply to Comment

Layla M.(Teacher)

This is amazing! It inspired me to ask my students to do this kind of poetry in April as well :D

Reply to Comment

Tara Benwell(Author)

Thanks, Layla! We are happy to publish student work that comes from our lessons, so please keep in touch!

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