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Talking to the Traffic Police

Everyday Dialogues


Teens & Adults

Grades 9–12

In this lesson, students learn and practice using vocabulary and expressions related to traffic stops. They have a group discussion about traffic violations and practice writing their own dialogues and answering questions.

  • license
  • registration
  • glove compartment
  • pull someone over
  • speed limit
  • construction zone
  • fine
  • buckle up
  • ticket
  • get off easy
PDF Content
  • vocabulary review tasks
  • dialogue reading
  • useful expressions
  • writing practice
  • assessment tasks
Task Content
  • Warm-Up(Reference)
  • Vocabulary Preview A(Matching)
  • Vocabulary Preview B(Matching)
  • Dialogue: Listen & Watch(Reference)
  • Dialogue: Listen & Read(Dialogue)
  • Story Scramble(Put in Order)
  • Listening Comprehension(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Listen & Type(Type in the Blanks)