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The Language of Sensitive Subjects

Sentence Stems

Int – Adv

Teens & Adults

Do you sometimes talk about sensitive subjects in your classroom? These sentence starters and ready-made expressions will help your students use language that shows they are feeling sensitive about the subject matter or that they know the subject matter is sensitive for others. This resource includes common adjectives for describing uncomfortable feelings. A quick reference is also available.

Task Content
  • Introduction(Reference)
  • Introducing a Sensitive Subject(Reference)
  • Introducing a Controversial Viewpoint(Reference)
  • Respectfully Sharing a Different Opinion(Reference)
  • Describing Sensitive Feelings(Reference)
  • Expressing Discomfort and Empathy(Reference)
  • Apologizing for Insensitivity(Reference)
  • Concluding a Sensitive Discussion(Reference)
  • Quick Reference(Reference)
  • Language Check(Open-Ended Questions)