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Beg – Low Int

In this lesson, students learn to reproduce the /i/ sound (as in "heat"). They practice writing and producing the sound through various tasks and compare /i/ and /ɪ/ (e.g., heat/hit). Includes a pronunciation diagram and audio.

Please note that we use the International Phonetic Alphabet to represent sounds on our site. This lesson is based on the typical North American pronunciation of /i/ (also known as "long E"). Pronunciation of this sound may differ by country and/or region.

  • eel
  • cheek
  • sheep
  • heat
  • bean
  • ill
  • ship
  • chick
  • hit
  • bin
PDF Content
  • pronunciation diagram and steps
  • listen & repeat
  • spelling & writing
  • comparing /i/ and /ɪ/
Task Content
  • Pronouncing /i/(Reference)
  • Listen & Repeat(Flashcard Set)
  • Image Match A(Image Match)
  • Image Match B(Image Match)
  • Image Match C(Image Match)
  • See & Say(Speaking Task)
  • Spelling Note(Reference)
  • See & Spell(Type in the Blanks)
  • Comparing /i/ & /ɪ/(Reference)
  • Listen & Type(Type in the Blanks)