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Making Small Talk

Functional English

Low Int – Int

All ages

Grades 9–12

In this lesson, students review language and useful expressions for making small talk. They learn appropriate small talk subjects and practice making small talk in a variety of situations. This lesson includes pronunciation practice, role-play tasks, and assessment.

Note: The digital version has some different assessment tasks (including a video).

  • Hi there!
  • Long time no see!
  • How are things?
  • Any big plans for the weekend?
PDF Content
  • warm-up
  • dialogues
  • topics
  • pair practice
  • assessment tasks
Task Content
  • Let's Learn!(Reference)
  • Warm-Up(Reference)
  • Listen & Repeat(Reference)
  • Reading A(Reference)
  • Reading B(Reference)
  • Reading C(Reference)
  • Dialogue 1(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 2(Dialogue)
  • Dialogue 3(Dialogue)
  • Comprehension(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Pronunciation(Reference)
  • Role-Play 1: Nice Weather(Reference)
  • Role-Play 2: Royal Wedding(Reference)
  • Group Activity(Reference)
  • Review(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Assessment A: Listen & Answer (Video)(Multiple-Choice)
  • Assessment B: Listen & Respond (Speaking)(Speaking Task)