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Christopher Columbus

Famous People

Low Int – Int

Teens & Adults

Grades 6–12

In this lesson, students read a short biography about Columbus who believed the earth was round, and that by sailing west he would find a quicker route to the East. Students review vocabulary and discuss characteristics of early explorers. We recommend our Columbus Day lesson to learn and discuss more about colonization and why many people feel that Christopher Columbus does not deserve an annual day of honor.

  • weaver
  • lad
  • support
  • royal
  • journey
  • court
  • exist
  • set foot in
  • claim
  • wreck
  • settlement
  • capture
  • native
  • in search of
  • admiral
  • wealthy
  • nationalities
PDF Content
  • vocabulary review tasks
  • reading
  • comprehension questions
  • group discussion
Task Content
  • Warm-Up(Reference)
  • Vocabulary Preview A(Matching)
  • Vocabulary Preview B(Matching)
  • Read & Listen(Reference)
  • Quote(Reference)
  • Comprehension(Open-Ended Questions)
  • Vocabulary Review(Type in the Blanks)
  • Discussion(Reference)
  • Personal Response(Speaking Task)